Our Story

Russ Maddox Band is Birmingham, Alabama's most unique and versatile cover band playing a wide variety of hits, including current rock, classic rock, pop, and dance.

After performing in bands as a drummer and singer for many years, Russ Maddox decided it was time to offer something entirely different. That's when he decided to incorporate a new instrument into the show and step to the front of the stage as the lead singer. 

The new instrument Russ plays is called The Zendrum. The Zendrum is in the electronic drum family. But rather than pads played with sticks in a traditional set-up, the triggers are mounted on a guitar-like set-up and played with the fingers. In addition to the traditional drum sounds, other parts of the music can be triggered as well. So Russ can provide the same full sound and recreation of music that would normally require several additional band members.

"I want to offer a full band sound in venues that normally could not accommodate a band large enough to provide it. Additionally, we can play private functions like wedding receptions and corporate parties and offer the full sound and personality of a band with the footprint of a D.J." says Russ.